They are talking about us...

"What will surely be one of 2016's best LPs." - Faster & Louder, UKb

"The best attributes of melodic power-pop and hard-eged garage rock" - The Slums of Hollywood, USA

"If this album is anything like their live performance, count me sold" - HeatWave Magazine, UK

"Their sophomore album “No Landing Plan” recorded last year is a natural evolution of the sound on the first LP, it shows a band who has refined their craft." - LOUDER THAN WAR, USA


No Landing Plan ought to have a disclaimer that warns listeners of the involuntary volatile spasms that follow from listening to the infectious nature of this upbeat poppy garage rock ‘n’ roll.

Fuzzy Vox manages to capture a sound that reflects something that borders on rock ‘n’ roll music that is not overplayed. Rather, this group has a garage feeling that is fresh and easily infectious. So, if this album is anything like their live performances, then count me sold. I’m now a fan and I want to see what Fuzzy Vox live has to dish out. Until then, I’ll try to contend myself with No Landing Plan.